Serving Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, Solana Beach, and Carmel Valley

Our Vision

Our vision will always be to serve as a lifeline for kids, one kid at a time. To accomplish this goal, we are seeking to expand our ministry into new schools and communities, and to reach further into the pre-teen culture. We are working to develop a strong network of leaders and committee members who will serve specific communities within the county. With a strong support team of adults focused on these areas we can continue the Young Life legacy in our community.
  • Young Life exists in our community because of adults who invite and support our presence. We call them our committee.
  • Parents are our partners — we want the best for your kid, too.

  • Young Life was founded in 1941 by a pastor who wanted to spend time with kids who were disinterested in church.

  • Today, you'll find Young Life in more than 100 countries and is supported by 5,454 staff members, more than 81,000 volunteers and 220,000 donors.​

  • Young Life is non-denominational. 

  • Our leaders are adults who are screened carefully and trained continuously.

  • The best way to learn about Young Life is to talk to a parent who was once involved or whose kids have been involved.

Rancho Del Sol Team


Pradeepa Ganhewa

Area Director



Andrea Davis

Young Life Staff



Jackie Nemec

Wyldlife Staff



René Fleming

Event + Admin Support

Does it matter?

4 out of 5

Young Life participants

consider Young Life and it's leaders to be a significant influence on their faith.


of volunteer leaders and staff with Young Life

would overwhelmingly recommend their leadership experience to a friend.


We like to think of club as a ​ "party with a purpose" where EVERYONE feels like they belong. Club usually includes music, games, and a simple message about a leader’s life, God’s love, and how their faith has impacted them.



A weekly gathering for teenagers who wish to learn more or grow in their faith through study, service, and leadership. We’re with teenagers for the long haul to help them take the first steps of faith with unconditional love.


A time to detach from distractions and think about life and faith at one of Young Life’s incredible resort-style properties, amidst beauty and nature, other kids and leaders.

Become a Leader

Volunteer leaders are absolutely vital to the mission of Young Life. It is their involvement that allows lives to be changed. Young Life volunteer leaders participate in a full range of activities that help them build these significant relationships with kids. If you are interested in volunteering for Young Life, contact the Rancho Del Sol staff​ and they will be able to help you learn more about how Young Life works in your community.

Join our Committee

Members of a Young Life committee are adults who are committed to providing every kid in their community the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ in terms they can understand. Committee members pray for Young Life, promote the ministry in the community, care for the local staff and volunteer leaders, as well as ensure the financial health of the ministry. To learn more contact Pradeepa Ganhewa.

Host Gatherings In Your Home

Offer your home to our Young Life and Wyldlife leaders. Community gatherings are so very important to our Rancho Del Sol Young Life family. It is a time of reflection, teaching and fun all while breaking bread together. Contact the Rancho Del Sol staff​ to learn more.